Designed for Technology Development, Use and Safeguard

The open, innovative campus design of Nextedge is conducive to the work of technology and research companies. The architectural style reflects both the progressiveness of the tenants while maintaining alignment to standards that will contribute to the overall park experience.

Nextedge has been conceived with a central core complex and training center for incubation of ideas, collaboration and ongoing learning. An extensive trail network will connect all the sites to provide park employees with a variety of recreational opportunities. The landscape plan and open space organization reflects the character of the area with native prairie the prominent feature.

The park has a reliable and abundant power supply necessary to run large data centers and access to high-speed communications along with available fiber optics network. Planned large setbacks provide physical security for tenants. Further, the park is located in an area with low risk for natural disasters.


Nextedge Applied Research and Technology Park is located at 4505 E. National Road (U.S. 40), in Springfield Ohio. Access from US 40 and SR 41/4; near I-70. US 40 and SR 41/4 are major thoroughfares. For additional mapping options, please visit the Nextedge listing on Ohio InSite.  


• Fiber from ATT, Time Warner Cable Telecom, Third Frontier Network; other national carriers within 1 mile
• Reliable power: 138 KVA service deliverable to the site; independent substation availability
• 16-inch water main with ISO flow of 3,585 GPM @ 20 psi; 13 MG excess capacity
• 24-inch diameter sanitary sewer line
• Drainage centralized off-site; master drainage plan available


• Flat topography*
• 180 acres of initial 240 available*
• Historical land use: agriculture
• NEPA study and soil borings/analysis complete
• No wetlands and not near the location of 100-year flood
• No nearby hazardous uses
• Not a protected habitat
• GIS maps available from the City of Springfield

Manmade Factors 

• Nearest railroad, 0.8 miles
• Nearest airport, 8 miles
• Nearest highway, 3,600 feet
• Nuclear power plant, 166 miles in Oak Harbor, Ohio (FirstEnergy’s Davis-Besse Plant)
• No electronic interference in the area
• No natural gas mains in the area

Natural Factors

• No wildfires
• Seismic zone 1 rating
• One day of freezing rain reported in 2005 (.59”)
• Average 21 inches of annual snowfall
• Government offices closed an average of two days/year
• Site zoned as a Research and Development Park
• Adjacent land zoned agricultural, residential and industrial


• Tax: City of Springfield, Clark County and the development association 
• Fire: City of Springfield, Class II ISO rating


• Land owned by Nextedge Development, Corporation
• Single point of contact to enable “speed to market”
• Ohio basic building code administered by City of Springfield
• Building guidelines available upon request

*Surveys available