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Avetec, now the home to UAS,  is a non-profit public benefit research organization that is working to build a world-class modeling and simulation capability and initiating educational partnerships to prepare a skilled future workforce. Avetec uses virtual testing environments to research solutions to complex problems. The mission is accomplished through three pillar programs: Virtual Testing Research, High Performance Computing and Networking and EducationFast Facts.

Avetec and its partners are collaborating in an open innovation structure to reduce the cost and time it takes to design, develop and test new jet turbine engines. This collaboration has the potential to save millions of dollars and years of development time.

Avetec leads a number of science and educational outreach initiatives. They enhance and develop advanced modeling and simulation techniques to gain a deeper understanding of the physics within engine systems. They offer a data intensive computing environment (DICE) to manage volumes of geographically dispersed in a test-bed of real-world networks, to develop an infrastructure to enable the aviation industry to more easily and securely manage data for drastic cost savings.

Lastly, they are involved in several educational outreach endeavors to stimulate interest and achievement among students in science and technology, including as a partner in the National Aerospace Leadership Initiative, which strives to maintain American leadership in the aerospace industry.

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Fast Facts

AVETEC works primarily with the aerospace industry, and capabilities and core competencies include:

  • Advanced Modeling and Simulation research and development\
  • Test bed development for air fleet management decision support
  • Thermodynamic analysis of turbine and innovative engines
  • UAV/UAS system design and simulation
  • Turbomachinery gridding, research and process
  • Computational science application development and consulting