Immediate Availability of a Skilled Workforce

The region surrounding Nextedge is prime with available, technically ready workforce. With the number of colleges and universities representing 142,000 students in the area as well as technology-oriented companies, professionals exist for all types of technical functions from engineering to research to network and data management.

Area colleges and universities are eager to team with companies to further develop their curriculum to align with tenant requirements. In some cases, there is interest in working with companies to develop tailored continuing education programs. 

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Just 40 minutes away, The Ohio State University has about 1,200 IT majors and graduates 700 with information science degrees each year. In Springfield, Wittenberg University, a leading liberal arts institution, has been a forerunner in undergraduate computational science and just recently secured a federal grant for collaborative research projects. Clark State Community College offers associate degrees in software development, technical systems and support. In addition, Wright State University, the University of Dayton and Cedarville University are within 20 miles of Nextedge.

Nextedge tenant, Avetec, also works to train the next generation technology researchers and leaders in the field. From internships to after-school programs, Avetec continues to invest significant resources in the future of the region. Visit their website to learn more about Avetec's extensive programs to train future experts and leaders.

Nextedge also proudly partners with the Ohio Future Jobs program. Learn More.