Why Science Parks?

Nextedge understands how to develop a successful and self sustaining science technology park.

In the past, science parks were primarily real estate operations used to attract businesses and to sell single parcels of land; there was no assistance or service offerings to tenants. These science parks had no direct ties to universities or research laboratories—and usually the space remained vacant.

Today, science parks like Nextedge are vibrant technology incubators anchored with research and development facilities focused on a particular industry. We not only attract businesses, but they also help them grow by offering intermediary services and support to tenants—including entrepreneurial networking and commercialization assistance.

We also provide access to university assets, such as professors, researchers, and research equipment. University teams may even collaborate with companies to develop a university curriculum that aligns with science park tenant requirements. The relationship is synergistic as universities offer a capable, technically-trained workforce that may be qualified for employment with a science park tenant.  

Our affiliations with programs like Ohio Future Jobs also put Nextedge on the frontier of research and technology parks. The Ohio Future Jobs program helps students achieve success by giving them opportunities to work with industry leaders in science and technology. Ohio Future Jobs is an employer driven organization focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) internships and job opportunities right here in Ohio.

Interns work in the following STEM fields:

  • Software Engineering
  • Geospatial Imaging
  • Information Technology
  •  Intelligence Research
  • Website Development
  •  Education
  •  Biochemistry
  • Data Analytics & Modeling

Ohio Future Jobs Program PDF