A Central Location Allowing You to Do Business

Nextedge is centered in a 60-mile technology radius that encompasses Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio. This strong regional location provides an ideal sales, support and service center to access key customers and industries.

Nextedge is situated in a prime location to provide materials, services and support for leaders in these core industries: financial, pharmaceuticals/healthcare, defense/aerospace, consumer products, retailing, and automotive.

The Nextedge park design employs security measures that are integrated into the site with one entryway that can be closed in the case of an emergency.

This innovative center for business is situated for easy access to the major interstates: North/South Interstates I-75/I-71 and East/West Interstate I-70.

Nextedge is within an easily serviceable 200-mile radius of more than a dozen key business markets. This central location enables companies to conveniently do business in the profitable Midwest region, working with leaders in information technology.